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Families are paying thousands of pounds for boiler cover they don't need, research has shown as published in the Daily Mail Saturday 17 October 2020.
Nine, in ten households, would be better off if they ditched the costly insurance policies and instead paid for repairs and services when they needed them, according to an analysis by Which.
Half of the customers surveyed by the consumer group had needed to get their boiler fixed during the past five years- paying an average of £107 per repair.
With an annual service costing around £80, this was still £101 cheaper than the average boiler cover premium of £288.
More than a third said their boiler had not broken down in the last five years. Were they serviced every year?  Based on no further breakdowns, and on the boiler cover increasing by £24 each year, they could save as much as £3000 over ten years, Which? said.  Even those who needed a repair every year, would still be more tan £2000 better off after ten years.
Just 6 percent of customers benefitted financially by having boiler cover, the pole of more than 7000 people found.  One in five needlessly paid for a policy when their boiler was under warranty. Boiler manufacturers provide a warranty ranging from 5 - 7 years providing the boiler is serviced by a qualified and registered engineer. 
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